Neighbors say the death on Pulaski Pike is shocking and very uncommon

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Huntsville Police are still investigating a death on Pulaski Pike from Saturday evening. Police found Dale Jones, Sr dead in a home. They believe it was a domestic violence incident.

Neighbors in the area said they were shocked to hear the news.

"You know you hear stories like this and you watch them and you see them on the news, but you kind of expect them to take place elsewhere, not right next door. That's the concerning part, that it is right there," said Pastor Matt Ellis.

Grace Baptist Church sits right next to where the incident happened on Pulaski Pike.

Pastor Ellis said he dropped his car off at the church parking  lot earlier that day. When he came back, there was a crime scene.

He said he saw the people who live there just a month ago.

"I talked to them just briefly, more or less just hi and bye. Just letting them know I was a new pastor," said the Grace Baptist church leader.

Pastor Ellis said he was surprised to see an ambulance and several police investigating a death right on their front lawn. He also briefly spoke to the family of the victim.

"I shared a word of prayer with them and give them some bibles and words of encouragement and just let them know the church is here to help them out if they need it, if they want us to help," said Ellis.

This is a tough time for people connected to this family but also neighbors, who said they're concerned about this type of violence going on in their area.

Pastor Ellis said he wants people to know that Grace Baptist Church is here for comfort and more.

"We're pretty active over here. We go out and we try to knock on doors and let people know we're here. Try to pass the literature out and share with," said the minister.

He added that if anyone needs any help in any way, the church will offer what it can.

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