Decatur City Schools bans cell phones from the classrooms

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DECATUR, Ala. - Next week class will be back in session at Decatur City Schools. This school year students can expect some new changes, like no cell phones in the classrooms.

In a Facebook video, Superintendent Michael Douglas said the school system is doing what they can to get the best education.

The procedural change of having no cell phones in the classrooms comes after each student will personally be provided with their own Chromebook.

The schools Deputy Superintendent of School Safety and Student Services said last school year it was up to the teacher to decide their own policy.

He said some teachers allowed cell phones while others did not, but this year he said since all high schoolers will be provided with a laptop. He said there`s no need for a cell phone in the classroom.

Decatur City Schools isn`t banning cell phones altogether. Students will still be able to use them during lunch and in the hallways.

Students go back to school on August 15.


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