Maddox matches Ivey in July fundraising reports

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - With the governor's race nearly three months away, Democratic challenger and Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox has stepped up his fundraising game. For the first time, Maddox kept pace with Governor Kay Ivey for fundraising in the month of July.

Reports filed August 2 show Maddox raised a $245,024 and Ivey raised $248,523.

While Maddox and Ivey posted similar numbers in July, Ivey has an overall more than 3 -1 fundraising advantage. Ivey has raised nearly $5 million, compared to Maddox's total of $1.4 million. Her cash advantage allowed Ivey to keep a heavy television presence during the GOP primary. She rolled out her first post-primary advertisement Thursday.

Despite Ivey's higher fundraising amounts, Maddox's campaign has more cash on hand with a balance of $313,248 compared to Ivey's campaign balance of $271,476.

Maddox`s campaign released a statement today saying they are very encouraged and that they're most excited about the number of individual donors they have in comparison to Ivey. The full statement from Maddox's campaign reads:

"We are very encouraged by the latest fundraising report.  Not only are we neck and neck with Kay Ivey in this month’s total,  we have more cash on hand.  Most exciting is the fact that we had over 40 pages of individual donors and Kay only had 12.  This continues to be a great indicator of the popular support that’s out there for Walt Maddox as more and more voters, Republicans and Democrats,  respond to Walt’s vision for Alabama. While we certainly feel momentum is in our favor, we know that Kay Ivey is a formidable opponent who after 30 plus years in Montgomery knows how to find money."

Ivey's campaign has not released a statement on the latest fundraising report and there has not been a response from Ivey to Maddox`s latest challenge to debate.

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