Florence travelers travel to Florence

FLORENCE, Ala. -- Nearly 40 Florence residents will travel on the week of August 5 to their name-sake in honor of the city's bicentennial.

Exactly 37 people will embark on a journey to Italy as a result of the city's 200th birthday.

Florence was named after surveyors designed and laid out the area during the summer of 1818, according to local oral history. Ferdinand Sannoner named the location after his birthplace.

Mayor Steve Holt says the crew wants leaders of Florence, Italy to know what this means for them.

"It may be more significant to us than it is to them, but we want to make sure they are well aware of what a long-lasting impact their country, their city has had on Florence, Alabama," Holt said, in an interview.

He mentions the team will bring and leave a packet of the bicentennial celebration as a gift.

In addition, the mayor wants to visit a cemetery - The Florence American Military Cemetery - where four World War II soldiers are buried. One soldier's belongings were returned years ago, according to Holt.

"They found his [Private First Class Mack Tays] dog tags and other personal items of his somewhere near there about four or five years ago and they actually brought them over here.'

Holt adds he wants to build a relationship with their Sister City.