Nearly 400 teachers toured Marshall Co. industries to help their students expand career options

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. -- Nearly 400 teachers in the Marshall County Schools system toured some of the county’s industries to get a first-hand look at how the classroom can translate to jobs that are right at home.

“We want to give teachers the opportunity to learn what types of jobs are available right here in Marshall County, so they can help incorporate that into their classrooms and into their curriculum,” said Marshall County Economic Development Council President Matt Arnold.

“They’re going to go out on ten different buses to employers all over Marshall County and learn about what types of jobs are out there for their students and what types of skill sets they need to be helping them get,” Arnold said.

“The workforce starts in Pre-K and is trained all of their life practically,” said Deputy Secretary of Commerce and  AIDT director Ed Castile, who spoke to the group before they headed out for the day.

There are more than 200 industries in Marshall County. That equates to thousands of jobs.

“Our students take the WorkKeys exam, and it’s important when our educators are asked by students ‘why do we take this exam?’ They need to be able to answer that and how it’s important to obtaining employment locally, and how industry uses that for entry-level employment,” said Superintendent Cindy Wigley.

“As they start looking at different careers and different pathways that they want to go it kind of lets us see the things that are out here, so we can encourage them,” added teacher Michael Hardin.

Arnold said this is the first time they’ve held this event in the county. It’s been done in other areas, and Arnold says there’s a potential to hold it again next year for other systems in the county.

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