Runaway wheel sparks four different fires on Highway 72

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. -- Four volunteer fire departments are on the scene Tuesday in jackson County of several fires on Highway 72 East.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office says on July 31 a truck near Gurley lost a wheel trailer.  The object is believed to cause sparks along the road which led the grass to catch fire.

A Paint Rock Fire Department spokesperson states the fire was about a 2-mile stretch. They add it took roughly 45 minutes to put out.

Chief Finis Johnson with the Paint Rock Fire Department told WHNT that the lack of rain in the area definitely had an impact on how quickly and easily the fires spread.

"The rain here has been hitting all around, and here we get maybe a sprinkle but not enough to even wet the windshield on your car," Johnson said.

Chief Johnson also told WHNT how thankful he was to have so many departments helping control this situation today; there was a hay field nearby and if the fires had spread to that field the situation would have been much worse.

All of the fires were put out and the area is completely under control.

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