Federal Trade Commission Warns of Nanny Scam

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning caregivers about a new employment scam. Scammers are posting fake jobs on established caregiving websites to swindle money out of unsuspecting victims. The scam goes like this: candidates are offered the job, sent a check and instructed to deposit it into their checking account to use to purchase specific supplies or equipment for the job. A few weeks later, the bank will notify the victim that the check deposited and used to purchase the supplies has bounced. The victim must then pay all the money back plus all bank overdraft charges.

The FTC offers the following tips if you are looking for a caregiving job:

  • “Don’t send money to someone who claims they want to hire you. Don’t deposit a check and wire money back. Don’t send them a gift card or cash reload card.
  • Search online for a potential client’s name, email address, and phone number. You might find complaints by others who’ve been scammed and find out more about the scammer’s tricks.
  • If you sent money to a scammer posing as an employer, contact the company you used to send the money (bank, wire transfer service, gift card company, or cash reload card company) and tell them it was a fraudulent transaction. Ask to have the transaction reversed if possible.
  • Report nanny and caregiver job scams to the job site, to BBB.org and FTC.gov/complaint.”

Source: Federal Trade Commission

If you would like to report a scam, call your BBB at 256-533-1640 or go to the BBB Scam Tracker. To find trustworthy businesses, visit bbb.org.

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