Madison mayor reacts to Top Ten baseball team names

MADISON, Ala. - The list of potential names for Madison's new baseball team has received a lot of attention since BallCorps released it Thursday.

In the first 12 hours, there were over 4,200 votes on team names and a lot of feedback.

Some voters are saying they are not taking these names seriously, and others have their own suggestions for what they think should be on the list. WHNT talked with Madison Mayor Paul Finley to hear his thoughts on all of the conversation and so far, he's excited about the reaction.

"Complete engagement, which is what we were hoping for," Finley said. "You either love them, you hate them, you have a favorite, you can`t imagine that we would not have more intelligent names. The bottom line is people are excited and talking, and that's what we were hoping for in this first round."

One of the requirements to vote is choosing "Madison," "North Alabama," or "Rocket City" for the regional identifier for the team. Even though the team will be playing in Madison, Finley says he's okay with any name that gets the whole community involved.

Regional Identifier options for new minor league team

"This is the Tennessee Valley and North Alabama's team," Finley said. "It's not just Madison's team, and we won`t be successful in Madison if the rest of the Tennessee Valley does not engage. We`re fine with whatever it comes up with if it makes sense to go and get everybody involved."

Minor league baseball teams around the country are known for their goofy names. These are a little more unusual, but Mayor Finley said the community is excited about baseball and we`ll just have to trust the system and see what happens next.

You have through the end of the day August 16 to vote and help your favorite name make it to the top 5.


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