MAC football players challenge Bama to a game in viral tweet

DETROIT, Mich. – Mid-American Conference football players are asking for a shot at playing the reigning national champions.

But “be careful what you wish for,” a piece of advice that Washington fans might want to share with the Mid-American Conference right now.

You probably remember what happened in 2016 when Washington fans were spotted with signs saying, “We want Bama!” Well, the Huskies eventually got Bama and it wasn’t pretty. The result was a 7 to 24 loss in the Peach Bowl and they’ve pretty much been silent since.

And now, the MAC players are asking for the same.

At their annual media day on Tuesday, MAC football players got the chance to choose whether or not they “want Bama” when a sports intern for the Detroit Free Press, George Stoia III, interviewed all 24 players in attendance. Each of the 12 players represented each of the league’s 12 teams.

So he asked the bold question: “Do you want Bama?” to the players there, and let’s just say the guys he spoke with were not lacking in confidence!

A few are being quoted as saying, “Yeah I want Bama, bring it on,” “We beat Bama,” “Of course I want Bama, I want anybody and everybody,” and “I want Bama at Tuscaloosa, week one.”

Check out the original video from George Stoia III on Twitter.

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