Police track large boar through busy area near interstate in Morgan County

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. -  A wild boar was on the loose in the Priceville/Decatur area. Police had to go after and eventually kill the 350-pound boar on highway 67 near Interstate 65 early Monday morning.

According to our news partners AL.com, it started with a call from the Chevron after reports the boar charged at a customer around 3 a.m.

It then ran across the street to the Mapco, then a field near the Comfort Inn and ran into the road. A Priceville officer had to shoot and kill the animal in an effort to keep it from causing any more damage.

Nathan Baba wrote that the "wild hog had been charging and challenging the fine citizens of Priceville for a solid 30 min before the officer was able to get a safe, clear shot away from the public, to take this beast down."

Baba wrote that he helped move the dead boar from the parking lot into a nearby ditch where it was later removed by a front-end loader.


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