Low-to-no chance of showers through Friday, but it’s getting a little hotter!

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Small, isolated showers developed Tuesday afternoon east of the Huntsville area, and that’s still the place where a few spotty showers will develop on Wednesday.

A fresh north breeze brought down the humidity considerably this week; it’s still humid enough to notice, but this kind of air is much more tolerable!

Less humidity means it gets a little more comfortable at night, and the heat index isn’t quite as horrible in the afternoons. Expect a low in the 60s Wednesday morning, and although it gets hotter Wednesday afternoon, the drier air means 90ºF will feel more the low 90s and less like 105ºF+.

Less humid? What? It’s still summer, and it’s still humid. It’s just not as humid as it was last week. Saturday’s peak dewpoint in Huntsville was 79ºF. The highest air temperature hit 92ºF; that put the peak heat index around 109ºF!

Contrast that to Tuesday at 2 PM: 85ºF with a dewpoint at 67ºF. The heat index was only 88ºF.

So yes, it is still humid, but it’s not as bad as it was just a few days ago.

The humidity will drop a little more this weekend with a cool front passing by, but even that drop isn’t enough to clear the chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm from North Alabama.

Weekend outlook: A fairly strong cold front by July standards moves into the region Friday, but a ‘strong’ front does not necessarily mean ‘widespread, strong storms!’ The chance of rain appears to be getting lower and lower with this approaching front; with the odds trending downward, I certainly would not cancel any outdoor plans at this point.

Aside from the lower-end chance of some isolated storms, it will be hot this weekend! Expect highs around 90ºF, lows in the 70s, and a partly sunny sky away from the hit-or-miss thunderstorms.

Rainy set-up next week: Rainfall this summer has been very uneven to say the least. In the past 30 days, Trinity (Morgan Co.) has over 10 inches of rain. Brownsboro in Madison County doesn’t even have TWO inches of rain.

Next week? It’s looking like more of the same: widely scattered, hit-or-miss downpours fueled by a surge of tropical moisture from the south. Some model guidance suggests as much as 2” to 3” of rainfall between Monday and Wednesday of next week; however, averages like that take into account some who barely get enough to measure and others who are begging for the storms to stop: all within a few miles of each other.

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