Flint River Bridge causes concerns for some drivers

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Since the Flint River Bridge opened, many have praised how great it`s been, but some have a few complaints.

One viewer said heading into Huntsville on the bridge is dangerous. Drivers will be in the turning lane and try to get over quickly, cutting other drivers off.

Madison County Resident Bessie Bolden agrees. "The new bridge is a whole lot better, but still sometimes it will be congested especially in the morning and evening."

Bessie Bolden has lived in the area her whole life and travels across the bridge a lot. She`s seen people in the right lane heading into Huntsville cut drivers off.

She said some drivers will not realize they're in a turn only lane, then at the last-minute, they will cross over into the other lane to continue straight.

"We should have a turning lane all the way up and down this road because it gets so busy. For some people it doesn`t matter what you have people are going to cut in front of you anyway," Bolden explained.

Bolden said the issue will get worse once school starts.

Madison County Assistant Engineer Houston Matthews said the right turn only lane is temporary.

They plan to address that issue during the next phase of the project, which is set to begin in the fall.

He said the turning lane is a transition lane. Matthews said the finished product after the next phase is two straight lanes, with the option of turning right.

He said crews have added extra signage to alert drivers they can only turn right.

Bolden is happy knowing crews plan to widen the roads even more.

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