Church closing its doors gives away their building for free

HUNTSVILLE, Ala - What would you say if someone offered you a house for free with no strings attached? It would be hard to believe, right? Well, that's exactly what happened to Essential Church in downtown Huntsville.

The church opened it's doors two years ago and has been looking for a location to call its permanent home. The pastor didn't think that would happen for many years to come.

But another church stepped in and changed that in a way that shows miracles still come true.

This team of volunteers is breaking ground on renovations working to make the former Five Points Baptist Church a home for a new church family. "It's unbelievable. It's the gift of a lifetime," Essential Church Lead Pastor Tim Milner said.

It all began when Five Points had to make the decision to close their doors.

"We were just dying away. There were only about a dozen people left that attended regularly and we just couldn't make it financially," Five Points Baptist leader Teresa Guaght-Hicks explained.

She says they decided they wanted to give the property away to someone who truly needed it.

"It's God's church and we wanted to see it be used again to win souls and reach this community," she said.

But who should they give it to?

That question was answered when she saw essential church Pastor Tim Milner performing a baptism outside of an office space he's using as a church. "I know it was the holy spirit, but I just became overwhelmed and I thought they need a building," she said.

They called Pastor Milner. "When I received that phone call I was a little bit skeptical. It's like I 'win a free cruise' every day you know. I'm like, 'you really want to give us this?' But we went and we took a look at it and it's just absolutely perfect," Pastor Milner said.

Milner says he hopes to use this gift to continue Five Points Baptist Church's legacy of reaching out and serving the community for many years to come.

He would like to have renovations complete in the next few months so services can begin at the church by the end of the year.

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