Alabama gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox presents his ethics plan

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(Walt Maddox for Governor Facebook)

GULF SHORES, Ala. — During a gubernatorial candidate forum Saturday, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox unveiled a program he believes will promote ethics and fight corruption in government. Governor Kay Ivey wasn’t present.

On his campaign Facebook page, Maddox shared a proposal to amend the state ethics law regarding state employees and elected officials.

[Click here to read the full proposal]

The proposal also stated that his governor’s office would:

  • Disclose visitor logs of all who meet with the governor in accordance with the Alabama public records laws.
  • Disclose all assistance offered by the state for economic development.
  • Mandate full compliance with public meeting, open records, and ethics laws.
  • Seek and facilitate public comment on significant proposals that would commit state resources.
  • Holding bi-weekly press conferences at which questions from the media will be taken.

Maddox also ran down a list of Alabama scandals, including sheriffs pocketing inmate food money, and a former governor stepping down in the midst of ethics violations. Maddox noted that he has been in public office for 17 years without any scandals, ethical complaints or investigations launched against him.

During the forum, Maddox challenged Governor Kay Ivey to four debates before the general election in November. According to our news partners at, those debates would be:

  • A debate on public education and economic development.
  • A debate on health care, mental health, public safety and infrastructure.
  • A “town hall meeting” in a major Alabama city.
  • A “town hall meeting” in a rural county.

According to the report, Maddox expects Ivey to try to ride the coattails of President Trump’s popularity in the state. But, he says, she needs to display the same courage and willingness to debate as the president did during his candidacy.  Ivey has yet to appear for a public debate with a gubernatorial opponent both before and after the primary. Her office has yet to respond to Saturday’s challenge from Maddox.

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