Huntsville’s own Rodney Smith is back from his 50 State 50 Lawn Mission

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Huntsville's own Rodney Smith Jr. is back after traveling to all 50 states cutting grass for free. He's been helping single mothers, those with disabilities, the elderly and veterans.

"For each state, I did about three to four yards per state so overall I probably mowed about 150 yards in total," Rodney Smith said.

At each stop, he met all walks of life. "They shared with me their experience and how difficult it is to get their lawn cut,"

The 50 state 50 lawn was a mission that took Smith two months to complete. "I realized it`s such a need not just here in Huntsville, Alabama but a need even worldwide," Smith said.

Offering to cut grass for free is something Smith started doing in 2015 when he saw an elderly man struggling to mow. The simple act of kindness has ignited an entire organization "Raising Men Lawn Care" service.

A foundation committed to raising young children into positive adults.

The group has issued a 50-yard challenge. "A challenge issued to kids worldwide and nationwide to mow 50 free lawns in their community free for the elderly, disabled, single moms, veterans," Smith explained.

So far close to 200 kids have signed up for it.

Smith never had plans to mow lawns in college, but it's grown to be so impactful. "The idea came about when I asked God to use me as a vessel," Smith said.

Since his talk with God, he`s found his purpose and that's to help others. "It doesn`t stop, it doesn`t stop. I just graduated college now we are a non-profit and the goal is to expand," Smith said.

Smith`s mission for 2019 is 7 continents 7 lawns.

To learn more about the 50-yard challenge click here.

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