Historic Larimore Home destroyed by late night blaze

FLORENCE, Ala. – Fire has struck a historical landmark in Florence for the second time in just over a week. The Larimore Home on the campus of Mars Hill Bible School was destroyed by a late-night blaze.

“No, no way. I said there had to be a mistake,” stated Mars Hill School President Dexter Rutherford.

Rutherford couldn’t believe the call he received late Thursday night.

Built in 1870, the Larimore Home was used as a residence and educational center after the Civil War. From 1948 through the late 60’s, it was used for classes by Mars Hill Bible School.

“The emotions of it I guess. First time, people all over, literally Mars Hill people from all over the nation, were expressing sadness about the damage and now this,” Rutherford said.

Just over a week ago, a fire in the basement smoked up the Larimore Home. With no power in the building, fire ignited once again Thursday night. This time, firefighters were unable to extinguish it in time to save the building.

“It certainly was not Mars Hill. Mars Hill is much greater than any building or certainly even any person on this earth, but it is still a big loss for the Mars Hill family,” explained Rutherford.

Decades of artifacts inside the home were likely destroyed as well.

Florence Fire Investigators will be working with an insurance investigator to determine what caused this latest blaze.

The Larimore Home was being used for parties and meetings in recent years.

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