Troy King still wants to move forward with ethics complaint against Steve Marshall

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Despite losing the Republican Runoff election to Steve Marshall, Tuesday night Troy King said he will continue to pursue his ethics complaint against his opponent.

“I want to see the ethics law enforced,” King told media Tuesday.

King filed the complaint nearly a week before election day, alleging Marshall took improper campaign contributions. He alleges that the problem is the Republican Attorneys General Association Political Action Committee took money from other PACs, a violation of Alabama’s ban on PAC to PAC money transfers.

King went further, filing a lawsuit on the matter in Montgomery Circuit Court to try to block Marshall from spending the campaign funds that King says are illegal. A judge later dismissed that lawsuit.

We asked King what’s next for his ethics complaint about Marshall as it relates to campaign funds from federal Political Action Committee, RAGA.

“Look, I’ve been a Republican since 1979. I’m not new to this,” he said. “I didn’t file an ethics complaint or a lawsuit as a publicity stunt. I filed them because I had been attorney general of Alabama. And as the Attorney General of Alabama, I have to believe that the law means something. And just because I didn’t win an election doesn’t mean– It wasn’t a publicity stunt. If you’re asking me if I’m going to dismiss my ethics complaint tomorrow, the answer is no. I expect an answer.”

Tuesday evening, King said he is down but not out.

“What I know is, I am very proud of what we did. I’m very proud of the people who stood with me, I am very proud how deeply they believed in me,” he said.

King said that Wednesday he will be back at his law office doing his job. But his fight for what he believes in did not stop on Tuesday.

“Look, nothing has changed for me,” he told reporters. “I still believe Republicans ought to be Republicans, I still believe that government ought not to be corrupt, I still believe crime is too high, and I will now find another avenue to channel those efforts. But tonight is not the time to raise the white flag and say, we abdicate, we stop.”

King did not say what is next for him politically. He did not rule out another run for office.

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