Scottsboro City Council is still searching for a candidate to fill empty seat by August deadline

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - The hunt to fill a city council seat continues in Scottsboro. After a handful of nominations and several failed voting attempts, the current council is going back to the drawing board. They're desperately working to fill the empty seat.

They've been looking for the perfect fit since June 4th, when Councilwoman Jessica Butler resigned. "I immediately called the league of municipalities in Montgomery and inquired as to what the process is to replace her," said City Council President Tony Wallingsford.

That's when Wallingsford opened city hall's doors for letters of interest. "We received letters of interest from 13 applicants."

The Scottsboro City Council has to pick someone within 60 days. If they don't, the decision goes to Montgomery. Governor Ivey will then have two choices. She can either appoint someone herself within 90 days or she can call a special election and let the city decide.

June 9th started off the first round of voting. Each councilman, outside of the president, can nominate a person.

Of the 13 nominations, the council chose Jenna Bell and Linda Bray. The vote failed, ending in a two to two vote. Three people need to agree on one nominee. This past Monday, they voted again. "The first vote was again Linda Bray and Jenna Bell."

That vote failed too. They voted three more times and still no one could agree on a person. "It certainly is frustrating," said Wallingsford. "You have to be will to compromise and at this point, we don't see enough willingness to compromise."

For reasons like these, that final council person is needed when voting. The city council has to make a decision before August 3 before the choice is out of their hands. The Scottsboro City Council will be voting again on Monday, July 23.

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