Native hibiscus can grow here in Alabama

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If you've ever been to a tropical location, you've likely seen different varieties of Hibiscus flowers. But here in Alabama a tropical Hibiscus won't last more than one summer without the help of a greenhouse. Luckily we have a native Hibiscus that thrive and return in your garden.

Native hibiscus is often called Rose Mallow or Swamp Rose. It prefers sun and moist soil, and can tolerate the wet areas in your garden. It's hearty from Alabama to Michigan, but do make sure you give it room to grow to it's full 3 to 8 feet tall.

Native hibiscus will bloom in colors ranging from red, to pink, to white, and even some bi-colors. They die completely down to the ground in the wintertime, but they'll come back up each May and bloom again like clockwork in July.

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