Police make fourth arrest connected to Binford Drive murder investigation

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Huntsville Police announced on Monday they've made a fourth arrest in a murder investigation. On January 28, police responded to a call at Spring Branch Apartments on Binford Drive where Raemon Ross, 34, was shot.

Emergency crews transported Ross to Huntsville Hospital with life-threatening injuries from a gunshot wound, but he eventually died.

Police said the victim was shot in his arm and the bullet traveled, striking him in his chest.

Almost six months later, police said four people connected to Ross's death have been charged. Police said it was a robbery turned deadly.

They said Ross was shot while his girlfriend and three kids were in the home. "This was pretty well orchestrated according to investigators. That`s what helped piece this puzzle together," Lt. Michael Johnson explained.

Investigators said they found marijuana in the home and discovered money was missing. The four people police said are responsible for Ross`s death are Charles Mosby, Fotino Davis, Kason Grady, and Welton Brown.

Police said Kason Grady was from the Huntsville area. The other three were originally from the New Orleans area.

Investigators said Mosby and Grady had a relationship with Ross, but Ross didn`t know the other two individuals. "Digital forensics did come into play. This is how we were able to locate these individuals," Lt. Johnson said.

  • Charles Mosby, 28, was arrested in New Orleans on March 6th.
  • Fotino Davis, 24, was arrested in Memphis on April 23rd.
  • Kason Grady, 28, was arrested in South Florida on May 3rd.
  • Welton Brown, 24, was arrested in New Orleans on July 16th.

Investigators said the suspects used Brown's car to leave the scene after Ross was shot.

Police said they identified the suspects quickly, but finding them was the challenge. "All the investigators have a passion for what they do. They care about the victim`s family and want to bring closure," Lt. Johnson said.

Two out of the four suspects have already been extradited to Huntsville. All four suspects are charged with Capital Murder-Robbery.

Charles Mosby has a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, July 18.

HPD said U.S. Marshals played a huge role in capturing the suspects.

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