GOP Attorney General candidates race toward Tuesday runoff election

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The clock is ticking on what is being called one of the most contentious races this election season, as Attorney General Steve Marshall and former Attorney General Troy King each fight to clinch the Republican nomination for the state's chief law enforcement job.

Marshall and King have been running advertisements for their respective Attorney General campaigns for months, attacking each other as the GOP runoff nears. They will spend the next two days making closing arguments to voters who they wish to motivate to hit the polls on Tuesday.

"The tone and tenor of my ads is to tell the truth. Steve Marshall is a Democrat," explained King. "There's a lot of other things we can talk about that are important issues for our state. And those will be important in the general election. We are not electing an attorney general now, we are nominating a Republican."

"Ours have been positive," said Marshall of his ads. "We have talked about our message and we've talked about our record. I think the difference between me and Troy King is that as six and a half years as attorney general, he's been rejected by 60 percent of the Republican voters and sent back home and not allowed to be our attorney general. So, him being negative and in many cases false and untruthful is really a reflection of the fact he doesn't have a record to stand on."

WHNT News 19 asked both candidates what they believed would be the biggest challenge the next attorney general will face.

"Fidelity to the constitution and the law," explained Marshall. "It's very easy to try and take the role of attorney general and be political about it. Frankly, taking on the gambling interests in this state was not a good political move. But yet what I've spent my career doing is enforcing the law and believing in the rule of law."

"There's a lot of problems. Violent crime has been neglected by the attorney general's office," said King. "When I was there, it was a high priority. We had a violent crime prosecution team that went across the state. Some of the best prosecutors in the state ran that team. We don't really see that anymore. We've got to be serious about crime."

But there are issues both candidates agree will be difficult but necessary to tackle. King and Marshall see opioids and the mental health crisis as problems the next attorney general will have to take to task.

WHNT News 19 is your resource for the runoff election results. We will bring you results on Tuesday as they come in.

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