Troy King and Millican Family unveil Lisa’s Law at Madison County Courthouse

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -  The Millican family, along with Attorney General Candidate Troy King, unveiled "Lisa's Law".  The proposed bill is aimed at giving more rights to victims of violent crimes and their families, in honor of Lisa Ann Millican.

Lisa Ann Millican

Lisa Ann was 13-years-old when she was kidnapped from a shopping mall in Georgia in 1982. She was tortured, murdered, and her body was dumped in Little River Canyon.

For years, the Millican family say they've fought for Lisa's rights, even after her tragic death. Many have profited from her story without the family's permission. Due to Alabama law, the family says they can't even protect her name. "The profit for murder system works. It's happening every day, and there's nothing to stop them and it's time to stop them," said Cassie Millican, a family member.

Back in 1999, Governor Fob James commuted the death sentence of Lisa's killer. Judith Anne Neelley was given a chance at parole this year because of that, but she was ultimately denied. "If you lose a loved one, you're allowed to grieve and move on. That is vital for your everyday life," said Cassie Millican. "We can't do that."

They're hoping to gain a little peace for them and other families with similar struggles, through Lisa's Law.  Troy King,  who is in a runoff for the office of attorney general on Tuesday, is helping the family.

It is a two-bill package that includes the governor's right to commute sentences. "That simply says, not that the governor can commute death sentences, just he can't do it in secret," said King. They're asking for a 30-day notice for the victim's family and other interested parties before the commute is made.

They've also drafted a second bill that addresses who has the right to protect the rights of the victim starting with the family, protection from outside agencies producing products off of the victim, and the recovery of profits made off of the products. "It's been distributed and is being reviewed by a number of legislators," said King.

Cassie Millican said. it's been a long time coming for a bill like this. "It feels great and I hope we get a lot of support." They hope they can continue to honor Lisa with this bill, if it passes. They plan to present it in next year's legislative session.

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