Oakwood Avenue road construction causing damage to vehicles

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Repaving on Oakwood Avenue has started, but the construction is causing damage to some vehicles.

Several folks reached out to WHNT News 19 claiming the road work caused their tire to blow out and damage their rim.

One man said the cost to fix the damages was $1, 100. While WHNT News 19's Aaron Cantrell was out covering this story today, he ran into a woman that said her tire was damaged five minutes before he got there.

"I was driving down Oakwood Avenue and the steering got hard to steer and tire pressure went from 8 to 2 then to 0," MaryAnn Young said.

When MaryAnn Young's tire went out she went into a panic.

"I had someone on my bumper which was hard to do anything at that point. I put my flashing lights on and pulled over. I have a flat tire and a messed up rim," Young explained.

Whatever she hit left a huge gash in her tire.

"You came at the perfect time," Young said.

MaryAnn Young is just one of many people who has had this problem. WHNT News 19 spoke to someone else who had the exact same issue.

"Another gentleman pulled up and said the same thing had happened to him and he gave me the card to the construction company," Young said.

The company overseeing the project is Mid-South Paving.

Walton Ashwonder with the company said they've received some complaints from drivers and they are taking care of the problem. Before, sewer manholes were left open and exposed.

Ashwonder said they've since added covers to them. He said the company has paid for the damages of people who called including MaryAnn Young.

"I feel like News Channel 19 was at the right place at the right time. You`re helping your community and I greatly appreciate you," Young said.

Young said because the road is so dangerous, she won`t be back on Oakwoood Avenue until they are finished with the project.

Mid-South Paving plans to be done with re-paving Oakwood Avenue in a week or two.

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