Marshall County Chairman says commission has never received pay increase request for jailers

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. -  County officials say the record contradicts Sheriff Scott Walls statement that a lack of funding and low pay is causing issues in the jail.

Walls released the statement on Wednesday following a disturbance at the jail. He cited overcrowding, a lack of funding, and a high turnover rate due to low pay as factors as to why a disturbance broke out. Walls blamed County Commission Chairman James Hutcheson for denying funding and pay increase requests "numerous times." However, WHNT News 19 has learned Walls has not requested a change of pay for jailers recently.

"I don't understand why I'm being singled out. I have no control over that." says Hutcheson, "We've given the Sheriff basically everything he's asked for."

Hutcheson says if a department head is not happy with the salary of any position, they can request the personnel board to complete a pay review. The board can review. If the personnel board agrees a change is needed, it can go to the county commission to request funding. However, Hutcheson says the commission hasn't had a request to change the pay of any Marshall County Sheriff's Office employee in recent years.

"I have no control, and the commission has no control over what each individual job is paid," explains Hutcheson.

An outside entity does complete a pay study of every county position every few years.

"Each department head has the opportunity to come to the pay study and present their case on any certain position that they feel is like not being paid enough," says Hutcheson.

The chairman tells WHNT Sheriff Walls has been in office during two pay studies. He says Walls has not requested a pay change either time.

WHNT has reached out to Walls several times requesting in an interview. He has not responded to our request.

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