Wreck victim’s parents share memories of their “Princess,” a woman who made God and her son top priorities

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Authorities are investigating a fatal two-vehicle wreck at the corner of Douglass Road and Jeff Road in Madison County.  Jalissa Roshell Garner, 25,  died in the crash.

Family members of Garner said she was on her way to pick up her six-month-old son Dylan.

"She was that good part of me. That part that kept me laughing and I don`t know where I`m going to get that from now. I lost that part, that part of me died when she died," Jalissa's father Larry Garner said.

Larry Garner said he will never be the same again. Alabama State Troopers said Jalissa was hit head-on by Jose Sanchez, who left the scene with no injuries.

"As a basic human being, why didn't you just go see if my daughter was okay? Why didn't you see? There may have been something you could have done. That's what I hate the most," Larry Garner said.

Jalissa was Larry's baby girl. He said as a father you never feel like you spent enough time with your kids and there was more you could do.

"As a father, you feel like you have done all you can to protect your daughter and it still wasn`t enough." Larry Garner said.

It`s hurting the family knowing Jalissa died, but they`re trying to remain strong.

"The Christian side of me understands the purpose of God, but the father in me can`t comprehend why?"Larry Garner said.

"I`m choosing to feel joy and forgiveness," Michelle Robinson said.

Jalissa`s mother Michelle Robinson said her little princess always wanted to help others. Princess was Jalissa's nickname.

God and her son were Jalissa's top priorities.

"She was a lovable person. Just remember her living for Jesus and she loved Jesus," Robinson said.

Her parents said Dylan will still know his mother. "He still feels her presence and he feels the love she had for him," Robinson explained.

Jalissa`s father said his daughter's death has already mended relationships and has brought people together who wouldn`t talk.

Funeral arrangements are in the process of being made

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