“Tequila made him do it” 3 adults, 2 juveniles accused of stealing from multiple vehicles in Limestone Co. while intoxicated

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. — Three adults and two juveniles have been charged in connection with multiple vehicle burglaries in Limestone County. Limestone County sheriff’s investigators say the suspects told them the spree committed while on a golf cart and captured on camera, was fueled by alcohol and drugs.

One of the adults told investigators after he confessed to his role in the burglaries that “the tequila made him do it.”

Authorities charged both juveniles, along with 19-year-old Cesar Javier Gomez, 18-year-old Samuel Carter Rowan, and 19-year-old Dylan Kane Holland with five counts of Breaking and Entering a Vehicle, with a total bond of $12,500 each.

On Tuesday, deputies responded to several reports of car burglaries near Bethel Road and Miller Lane. Bethel Community Watch members notified investigators that they had video of five people going up and down the road in a golf cart and attempting to enter cars and garages.

Investigators located the golf cart at a home in the neighborhood where the two juveniles live. Interviews determined that the two boys had Gomez, Rowan, and Holland over on July 9, and that they all allegedly became intoxicated on vodka, tequila, and marijuana.

Authorities say the five then allegedly went “car hopping” to see what they could find.

Investigators say they recovered stolen property at the juveniles’ residence. They asked the juveniles to call the other three individuals involved in order to get them to return more of the stolen items, including some firearms.

Authorities arrested Gomez after he returned a stolen gun and other items. Deputies say they recovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia from his vehicle at the time of the arrest.

Rowan drove to the sheriff’s office to turn himself in and to return more stolen property. Holland, who also agreed to turn himself in, was picked up in Madison County and transported to the Limestone County Jail.

While the offenders confessed to entering nearly 30 vehicles, only five reports have been made at this time. Anyone from the Bethel community who has recently had items stolen from their vehicle should contact the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office at (256) 232-0111

Additional charges are expected and the investigation is ongoing.

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