Lawsuit filed on behalf of 15-year-old Mae Jemison student allegedly ‘body slammed’ by campus security officer

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- An attorney for a 15-year-old Mae Jemison student has filed a lawsuit against a campus security guard and his employer after the guard allegedly "body-slammed" the teen in May while attempting to break up a fight.

Steven Franklin Jr. was sent to the Intensive Care Unit after sustaining a severe head injury during the altercation.

“This lawsuit sends a message that school security guards are there to protect the students - not to harm them,” said attorney Leila Watson of Cory Watson Attorneys. “Our goal is to find answers and provide justice, and by bringing this to court, make sure it never happens again.”

Franklin and his family are suing John Phillips, the campus security guard and EPSCO Inc, his employer, for negligence, wantonness, and negligent training and hiring. School officials say Phillips is no longer on duty

“After dealing with traumatic head injuries, Steven and his family deserve justice,” said attorney Joel Caldwell, who serves on the Cory Watson team representing Franklin and his mother. “Students should always be safe at school, and this security guard failed to protect them.”

Snapchat video appears to show evidence of an altercation, though the alleged body slam was not caught on camera to our knowledge.

“We hope Steven fully recovers from his injuries,” said Watson. “He will never forget what happened to him on that day, and those responsible will now have a jury to answer to.”

To read the entire lawsuit, click here.

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