Judge dismisses lawsuit over Steve Marshall over campaign funds

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – A judge in Montgomery has dismissed a lawsuit Alabama GOP Attorney General candidate Troy King filed against incumbent Attorney General Steve Marshall.

King had filed a lawsuit in Montgomery Circuit Court asking a judge to block Marshall from spending any money —  around $730,000 – from his biggest donor, the Republican Attorneys General Association, RAGA.

Troy King released the following statement after the Judge’s decision to dismiss the case:

“Today, we stepped into a time capsule and returned to the days when a Democrat Attorney General, this one masquerading as a Republican, Steve Marshall, picked up where Jimmy Evans left off.  When Democrats ruled Alabama back then, they routinely used the courts to do their dirty work.  Here we go again. In 2010, Republicans took control of the Alabama Legislature and, as a first order of the day, banned the generations old practice of laundering money through PAC-to-PAC transfers.  No exceptions.  The Democrats lacked the votes to stop them.  Instead, they have bided their time and, today, RINO Steve Marshall, an Obama supporting Democrat who hired Ted Hosp, Siegelman’s lawyer and John Kerry’s Presidential campaign organizer, to argue to a Democrat judge who is a former leader in the Montgomery County Democratic Party, that he should dismantle the ethics laws that the Republican Legislature passed banning PAC to PAC transfers and, as a result, declared the work of the Republican legislature null and void. I intend to appeal this ruling.  Not to more judges but to the court that really matters – the court of public opinion.  I trust that real Republicans will reject make-believe Republicans like Steve Marshall and restore order and the rule of law that he trampled today. The ruling today impacts more than just the Troy King v. Steve Marshall race. It threatens the election of Republicans from the top of the ballot to the bottom. Steve Marshall has given Democrats the weapon they need to destroy the entire Republican party using out of state liberal money.  We took this state from the Democrats in 2010 and now we are going to have to do it again!”

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