Family living with no air conditioning claims Huntsville Housing Authority “doesn’t care”

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – As the temperatures in the Valley reach in the upper 90s, feeling cool becomes a priority. Having no air conditioning can be a hot hassle.

One Butler Terrace resident said she has gone without air conditioning for at least three months.  Crystal King said she`s put in at least 30 work orders to get the issue fixed, but so far the unit remains broken.

King currently lives in the property owned by The Huntsville Housing Authority with her two young children.

"Basically, they don`t ever do what they say they going to do. Like I could call in a work order right now and it would take them  two days to hit me back," King said.

Crystal King said The Huntsville Housing Authority is sending a message they simply don`t care.

King said she`s constantly putting in work orders for the mold around the house, the rodents, and to top it off she has no air conditioning.

"I`m not so much worried about my daughter, but my grandchildren," King's Mother Reshunda Brooks said.

King`s problems have gotten so bad her mother has gotten involved. "They don`t fix anything when you call them. Miss Pat's excuse is she don`t have no maintenance workers or they are behind. She will say, 'I`ll get to you,'" Brooks explained.

The only relief in the home from the heat is a fan that King bought.

During our interview, I placed a thermometer inside and outside the home. I was only inside the home for less than 30 minutes, it could have gotten warmer as time passed. It was 84 degrees inside and 101 degrees outside.

Both King and Brooks just want The Huntsville Housing Authority to simply act like they care and assist.

"Just because you stay in the projects doesn`t mean y'all can treat them like they're nobody. They are human and humans deserve to be respected," Brooks said.

King said she`s put in a transfer for a new apartment.

She said the Housing Authority has come out to fix the some of the problems. Things go great for a week or so, but then the problems come back.

We have reached out to the Huntsville Housing Authority for comment, but have not received a response back.

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