Car crashes into Huntsville woman’s home for the second time this year

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  A Huntsville woman is picking up the pieces of her home after a car crashed into it for the second time this year.  The incident happened on Oster Drive on Thursday morning.

"I heard somebody say help me, help me. Please, somebody, help me." Angie Walston, the owner of the home, said she ran downstairs and found glass, bricks and a badly injured woman in a vehicle.

Police speculate that a second vehicle going at a high-speed was also involved. The wreck was so bad, it also caused a power outage. Neighbors of Walston called the police. "I feel bad for her but then again... my house."

Authorities warn that no one should enter the home for at least a week. There's also a huge plot twist, Walston's been in this situation before. Back in March, a similar situation happened, where a car jumped the curb into the garage. "That's a new garage door. You see that one? That's brand new."

She said she's lived in this house with her husband and daughter for the last 30 years, and they've never experienced this, until recently. "I'm going to ask my husband to let us move," said Walston.

She said she can't really put into words how she's feeling. "I don't know. I don't know. It's sad. It's just very sad." The next step is finding a place to stay until the house is safe to enter again.

Huntsville police say they are still investigating the car crash. They won't be releasing the name of the woman driving the car, and there are no criminal charges against her.

The homeowner told us that the woman was being chased by an ex-boyfriend, which caused her to crash.

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