Republican Attorney General Candidate Troy King continues allegations against runoff opponent

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Troy King, (R) Attorney General Candidate in the upcoming Republican runoff, continued his allegations against his runoff opponent, incumbent Steve Marshall (R), during a press conference on the Madison County Courthouse steps Tuesday.

Monday, King alleged through an ethics complaint against Marshall that Marshall took improper campaign contributions. The problem, King said, is Marshall accepted money from the group called Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA), which took money from other PACs. King said it is a violation of Alabama’s ban on PAC to PAC money transfers.

"It's wrong for an election to be decided by illegal campaign contributions," King said on Tuesday. "We will continue to call for Steve Marshall to follow the law."

Steve Marshall's campaign responded to WHNT News 19's request for comment on Tuesday:

"These attacks are absurd. Troy King was fired by the people of Alabama in 2010 because of political stunts like this. Clearly nothing has changed. As Ethics Commission Director Tom Albritton stated yesterday, practitioners and the Secretary of State’s office agree that there is no violation of the law here. We are in full compliance and remain focused on the important issues at hand in this race."

But King brought with him to the press conference, copies of what he says is a fundraiser invitation from the Republican Attorney Generals Association to an event benefitting Steve Marshall's campaign on June 27 at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe for the RAGA Summer Meeting.

"Among RAGA's biggest contributors are the out-of-state gambling interests," alleged King, "and we know they are among Marshall's biggest boosters because we know that they held a fundraiser for him."

King later added, "It proves that Steve Marshall's campaign had a fundraiser at a casino in Nevada, where he thought nobody would ever notice or know. He's never told the people of Alabama that he is being funded by out-of-state casino interests. Here's the invitation. Sent by his campaign, paid for by his campaign, attended by him."

King added, and WHNT News 19 later verified through state records, that Marshall accepted an additional $300,000 more from the RAGA Action Fund on Monday, the same day King filed his original ethics complaint.

"RAGA can not be trusted," King stated. "I am, today, calling on the Alabama Republican Party to join me in telling Steve Marshall that we expect better from a Republican Attorney General."

But King was once a member of the organization in question, RAGA.

King confirmed, "When I lost office in 2010 I was a member."

He now maintains he won't work with RAGA again if he is elected. "No, I'm not [going to]," he said. "It's a front for a bunch of corporate interests that want to buy and sell politicians."

Zack Roday, RAGA Spokesman, said in a statement to WHNT News 19:

“What is Troy King for? Seriously, why is he running for attorney general? He has offered no solutions, just desperate attacks. Alabama Republicans sick of his pathetic antics have got to be scratching their heads, thinking, didn’t we fire this guy already?"

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