Redstone Federal Credit Union joins WHNT Towercam Network

WHNT and the Tennessee Valley's Weather Authority are excited to announce a new partnership with Redstone Federal Credit Union to continue the support and expansion of our weather towercam network. The pairing was an easy match since the Redstone Federal credit Union and WHNT both share a love of our community and are always seeking ways to give back.

As your Weather Authority we strive to keep you safe and informed regarding the weather and our towercam network is one of our best tools to do this. Our cameras, which are placed throughout the Tennessee Valley from Florence to Fort Payne, offer us a 24 hour view of weather conditions. We can watch storms grow in real time and gain ground confirmation by comparing the camera's live video to radar data.

The importance of this weather coverage is one reason why President of Redstone Federal Credit Union Joe Newberry chose to become a part of our towercam network, stating in part:

"What we're trying to do in communities  is we're trying to improve the lives of all of our members, their families and their communities and the towercam does that".

The Redstone Federal Credit Union's mission includes helping their members live brighter. This is a goal that, by working together, we know we can achieve for everyone who calls the Tennessee Valley home.

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