Vets 4 Vets hosts a day of pampering for homeless veterans

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Vets 4 Vets hosted a day of service for homeless veterans in Huntsville Saturday. In an effort to say thank you, local stylists provided their services for free.

"They've already made us feel good as well as safe and protected. If all we can do is make them feel more beautiful than they already are, it's a service to us," said Quita Layton, a hairstylist.

Members of the organization say they do not want the veterans to feel invisible.

"We walk past them at the store or going to a restaurant or while we're at the red light and not even give them the time of day," said event organizer Ronald Miller.

Miller is a veteran himself. He knows how it feels to serve.

"No one knows exactly what we do. They don't know what we go through when we deploy. They don't know what we go through on an everyday basis."

Through manicures, makeovers and haircuts, the vets were truly cared for with a full day of pampering.

"Man listen, I haven't had my nails done in 50 years. This is the best they've ever felt. They're brand new hands now," said veteran Johnny Barnes.

Miller said he wanted to recognize those who deserve our thanksĀ and more.

"I really just wanted to have an event to where I say I know you and I notice you," said Miller. "I wantĀ to give you the opportunity to feel like you belong in society again."

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