Camelot Pool leaders promise to fix chlorine levels

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  On Thursday evening, concerned families packed into Camelot Pool to talk about some of the problems with the water.

The meeting was for members only, media wasn't allowed in.

On any other 90 degree day, a packed parking lot at Camelot Pool means some fun in the sun.

"There`s quite a few people who are angry. I imagine the board is frustrated as well," Camelot Pool member Casey Still said.

Just like the July heat, tempers are running hot because families want to know if this pool is safe for swimming.

"People can get sick from it. They can get rashes. They can get ear infections, bacterial infections," former Camelot pool lifeguard Ashlyn Putman said.

Ideal chlorine levels for a swimming pool are between one and three parts per million.

"We've had issues of it being as low as zero, as high as 15," Still said. "There were 11 days recorded by the board member in charge of facilities that it should've been closed."

Thursday evening's meeting was prompted by several concerned families who say they wanted a straight answer out of the board. Several board members have stepped down as well as a few workers who argue they tried sounding the alarm about the chlorine levels, but not enough has been done yet.

"The board has been split and half of the board has quit over the course of this season," Putman said.

"A pool is a living thing. Like a pet. And if you don`t feed it or brush it, it`s going to show," pool maintenance expert Mick Roney said.

Camelot leaders are promising to correct the problem. this week, they said they`re testing the water every hour, but families say they've asked to see the pool levels and were turned down.

"You're talking about somebody who knows chemistry and knows how to make adjustments," Roney said. "And on the second level, someone who can manage people."

And with over a month left of the season, parents say if it`s not fixed, they fear membership will suffer.

Camelot leaders promised families they'd continue testing the water every other hour.

So far, there are no plans to close the pool.

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