See the sample ballots for Tuesday’s 2018 Primary Runoff Election

Residents in the state of Alabama return to the polls in July to finalize the ballot for the General Election in November. The voter registration deadline has already passed for the Primary Runoff, but voters have until July 12 to apply for an absentee ballot if necessary.

Here are the sample ballots:

Colbert County

DeKalb County

Franklin County

Jackson County

Lauderdale County

Lawrence County

Limestone County

Madison County

Marshall County

Morgan County

Don’t forget, Alabama state law says if you voted in the Primary Election, you must vote on the same party’s ballot. Meaning, if you requested a Republican Ballot at the check-in desk, you must do the same for the runoff. All registered voters who vote in the General Election, scheduled for November 6, will be given the same ballot.