Huntsville artist inspired to raise funds for dogs in need after puppy is rescued from 50-foot hole

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Literally, thousands of people across the country were anxiously watching and waiting for the moment Toffee, a 7-week-old deaf puppy, was finally rescued from a hole in south Huntsville. After more than 24 hours down there, the puppy was pulled out and returned to her foster owners.

One artist who lives in Huntsville is taking it upon himself to make sure Toffee's rescue wasn't just a happy moment for her,  but for dogs in need across the Tennessee Valley.

This person has no affiliation with the organization A New Leash on Life, the nonprofit that is working to find Toffee a forever home. Dustin Timbrook was so inspired by the rescue, he has started a fundraiser to help the nonprofit continue to help dogs in need.

Timbrook loves his dog Betty and says it was heartbreaking to hear Toffee was stuck in a 50-foot hole Friday.

"Dogs are the best. That's all there is to it. Anything happens to a dog and everyone is very sympathetic," Timbrook said.

After she was rescued he decided he wanted to make a design to commemorate the happy moment.

"We've got all the people scratching they're heads trying to figure out what to do about this dog,"

The t-shirt will come in 5 different colors. Pre-order sales have already begun and all the profits will go to A New Leash on Life.

"It would have not been alright for me to do it to make money for myself, so I was like we'll see what it does and we'll take that money and then give it to them," Timbrook said.

"Dustin coming forth and saying 'hey,' and doing it on his own, and coming up with designs, and doing the heavy lifting is phenomenal," marketing and promotions volunteer for A New Leash on Life, Julie Webb said.

As of Monday morning, he had already raised more than $900. If he can raise $2000 dollars a lifelong dream for Dustin will come true.

"I'm going to get one of those big,  goofy checks so I can have the photo op," Timbrook said.

It's all to continue the effort to help rescue our furry friends whichTimbrook says is a dog-gone good cause.

T-shirts and posters are available to order. But if people want to purchase one they will have to act quickly they will only be available to buy online for two weeks.



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