Huntsville demonstrators hold rally opposing immigration policy

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - "Families Belong Together" is the message from demonstrators in protest around the nation,  opposing the nation's immigration policy. People in Huntsville who felt strongly about this issue took to Big Spring Park Saturday to share in the day of action.

They rallied with chants, signs and a show of unity.

"I'm coming here today and I'm going to voice my opinion, because this has got to stop," said Hugh Hines, a rally attendee.

Huntsville residents are demanding a change  of the Trump administration's immigration policy.

"We want to come together for a common goal and that is to stop criminalizing immigrants, to stop separating families, and to stop this ridiculous detention, ice mechanism," said Yalitza Lafontaine, organizer of the rally.

They say they were not deterred by a counter-protester who appeared and was later arrested on menacing charges. Many people came out to the park to be heard.

"My grandmother was an immigrant from Sweden and came over here in 1909. She didn't come through Ellis Island but at that time you could come through legally at a reasonable amount of time. Now they've made it impossible just about," said Edith Crow, a rally attendee.

There were also several speakers sharing their own experiences with immigration. Organizers said spaces like these are needed for people to engage.

"We need to have the conversation but it needs to be logical and fruitful," said Dexter Strong, an attendee.

They also want to make sure the people here know how to be a part of any solutions.

"Get connected, volunteer and definitely get out and vote," said Lafontaine. While this is the first immigration rally in Huntsville thus far, rally goers say this won't be the last of their efforts.

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