Heat Advisory Issued For Saturday

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The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory for parts of the Tennessee Valley including Lauderdale, Colbert, Franklin, and Lawrence Counties in Alabama. A heat advisory is issued when Heat Indices are expected to reach near 105° for several hours. Western Alabama is more likely to meet that criteria, but the entire Tennessee Valley should take precautions against the excessive heat and humidity this weekend.

The humidity doesn’t just make it feel uncomfortable, it can make the heat more dangerous too. High humidity makes it more difficult for your body to cool off on its own. Normally your body cools down by sweating. When sweat evaporates it takes away some of the heat from your skin, but if there’s already a lot of moisture in the air sweat can’t evaporate as easily. The bottom line comes down to this: the higher the heat index the harder it is for your body to regulate its own temperature.

On hot summer days like we’re about to experience this weekend, stay conscious of the heat index. Wear loose fitting clothes, stay hydrated, and take breaks often! If your plans involve being outdoors, then make sure there’s a safe place for you to cool down.

Check your local forecast before making plans too so you can plan around the hottest part of the day more easily.

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