Some local businesses aren’t cutting the mustard in our Restaurant Ratings Report

When you're out and you grab a bite to eat, you want to know the food is safe. A number of businesses didn't do well on their latest health inspection. Here are some of the lowest scores of the week and what's being done to fix the problems. The scores and critical violations are directly from reports filed by health inspectors.


Drake Chevron at 501 Drake Ave in Huntsville: Score 79

6 Sausage and chicken sandwiches held at 114 f and 110 F.  Abated. Manager decided to have sandwiches in cold holding. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese 40 F.
Chemical test papers not provided.
Towel drying devices not provided at hand sink. COS. Manager replaced paper towels.
Chemical bottle not labeled. COS. Manager threw away product. SLS

Checkers at 700 Governors Dr in Huntsville: Score of 80 

Burger patties at 47F and hot dogs at 49F in walk in cooler
Dumpster and grease barrel conveying sewage onto ground
Interior of ice machine is not clean

Shogun Japanese Steakhouse Inc at 3991 University Dr in Huntsville: Score of 81

No time stamp or procedure provided for Time as Public Health Control for sushi rice
Raw Shrimp at 59F. Sushi at Buffet Bar at 58F. Abated

Kimtai LLC at 4001 Pulaski Pike NW Huntsville: Score of 82

Ice Machine dirty. Abated
Pulled Pork at 59F. Cooler not working properly. Abated

Tortora's Wood Fired Grille at 180 Old Hwy 431 Suite G in Owens Cross Roads: Score of 82

Residue in ice machine.
Chipped knife in storage and chemical test papers not provided.


McDonald's at 2225 Danville Rd. SW in Decatur: Score of 83

Toxic chemicals over and next to food and over single service items
Damaged oil skimmer in use


Pho Can Tho at 616 Hwy. 31 S. Suite B in Athens: Score of 72

Steak 96
<150 ppm sanitizer
Shrimp 65, Sliced turkey 70, hamburger 65

Dominos at 119 Hwy 31 S. in Athens: Score of 80 

Chemical spray bottle not labeled.
Damaged plastic cheese sifter/spreader.

Sportsman's Park at 11155 Elk River Mills Rd. in Athens: Score of 83

Cracked food containers in use
<150 ppm sanitizer

El Patron Grill Mexican Restaurant Inc  at 6049 Bay Village Dr. in Athens: Score of 83 

Lack of date marking.
Cooler out of temp. steak, cheese & rice


Vulcan Food Mart at 28485 Hwy. 24 in Russellville: Score of 76

excessive amount of flies in the kitchen area-10 day notice given
no drying device available at kitchen handsink-abated by supplying
no calibrated food probe thermometer available, 40 degrees off-10 day notice given and demo given on how to calibrate a food probe
employee donning gloves and handling ready to eat food without first washing hands-3 day notice and rules reviewed

Clean Plate Award
Lucky Dice Café, LLC at 7914 S. Memorial Parkway in Huntsville: Score of 100

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