Community, law enforcement mourns loss of former Madison County deputy

MADISON COUNTY, Ala -- The Madison County Sheriff's Office is mourning the loss of one of its own. Tuesday afternoon, a funeral was held for former deputy Lee Pollard. He was 71-years old and passed away suddenly last week.

Pollard served as a law enforcement officer for more than 30 years. He is remembered as a mentor, a friend and as an exceptional member of the community. "It's a major, major loss," Captain Marion Bullock with the Madison County Sheriff's Office said.

Law enforcement officers gathered at the Berry Hill funeral home to remember their friend Lee Pollard. "He was just the kind of person where you can't dislike him. Every time you had contact with lee pollard he left a smile on your face," Sargeant Tim Whistante with the Madison County Sheriff's Office said.

Many are still coping with their sudden loss. "Just talked to Lee two weeks ago," former deputy Mike Bertus said.

Law enforcement is a brotherhood and many deputies say it feels like they lost a member of their family. "We hunt and fished a lot together," Bertus said.

Pollard was also honored with a procession. His former colleagues say he leaves behind a legacy of helping other "I contribute where I'm at, as my status as being the Uniform Patrol Divison Commander, to his type of mentorship that I received from him and so many others that passed the correct way to be a law enforcement officer," Bulluck said.

Many say he embodied the example of what a law enforcement officer is supposed to be. "His main focus was to try to help the young people, set a good example for them, help other young officers just like he helped me in my career," Bulluck said.

And members of the sheriff's office say they will continue that legacy as they honor Lee Pollard's memory.

Pollard didn't just serve the Madison County Sheriff's Office. Before he became a deputy he worked for the New Hope Police Department and served as the Owens Crossroads Police Chief.

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