Hydroplanes take over Lake Guntersville Saturday after experiencing weather delays

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. - HydroFest in Guntersville didn't exactly start how organizers and attendees first planned. It was canceled on Friday and races were delayed Saturday.

"We're just doing the best we can enjoying time together," said Mary Dea Rains.

Dedicated fans weathered the storm with a positive attitude. "It's all about coming out and hanging out with your friends," said attendee Debbie Baeter.

Boats finally hit Guntersville waters Saturday afternoon. Marshall County hasn't hosted an event like this in 49 years. People from all over came out to watch these specially crafted boats take the waterway to race.

"It was just real fun. We used to look forward to it every year," said attendee Kim Porch.

While the event welcomes people of all ages, those who remember these races from the 60s are especially excited that the event is back in town. "They used to have the races here and they had it on the causeway and you can sit on the rocks, jump in the water and swim," said Porch.

He remembers attending his very first race at the age of 10. "My aunt would drop us off and we'd walk across the causeway. Be on our own. We thought we were big kids."

Like everyone who comes out to see these boats, he said the best part is watching them glide on top of the water.

"Just the speed of the boats and how they handle it on the water," said Porch. "You know you see race cars do this stuff, but it's really special to see it on water with a boat."

Porch, like many of those in attendance, is looking forward to finals on Sunday.

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