Mentone service station may go out of business — due to pay at the pump gas option

MENTONE, Ala. - Lookout Mountain Outpost is slowly going out of business due to the new gas pumps.

The gas station says their fuel company doesn't allow cash pay, and it's costing their business. The Lookout Mountain Outpost has not only provided gas for the community since the 60s, but it also provides a small town rest and relax experience.

This year, the service station upgraded those pumps under a new fuel provider, Jat Oil. "It was something that was going to be a little more state of the art for something we've never had up here, so they are pay at the pump." Owner Renee Mckenzie said paying at the pump is a great option, but customers can't pay for gas in cash.

That was a decision by the new fuel provider, and it doesn't sit well with most residents. "The cash sales has eliminated a lot of my local customers," said Mckenzie.

Sales at the Outpost are drastically declining without the visits from those consistent buyers. "They're not going to do a one-stop shop." Mckenzie said she's had to cut costs within the store. "It's currently teetering on whether or not I will no longer be able to operate and maintain the business here."

Many residents reached out to us to see what we could do to help the family run store. I reached out to Jat Oil, and they told me that this was a business decision. They don't know if or when a cash pay option will be available.

"I appreciate that there's people in my community that don't want to see me close," said Mckenzie. She said she'd hate to close her shop, but there's nothing left that she can do. Jat Oil said they understand the concerns of the community and this shop possibly closing. They are working on the issues.

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