Jackson County Commission is working on new ideas to collect money for school SROs

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - School safety is always a hot topic and leaders in Jackson County are coming up with anything they can to make sure their schools have more security. The Jackson County Commission wants to create a special fund, where the county can set aside more cash for additional school resource officers.

Although money is pretty tight in the county, one commissioner has a new idea. "I was talking to our solid waste director and he had the idea of possibly sending out a billing with their regular billing to ask for donations for school resource officers," said Commissioner Jason Venable.

It doesn't stop there. They also want to collect donations in the sheriff's office. "Another place that people can donate is when they go to purchase a pistol permit," said Venable. "Anywhere that the county collects money, we'd try to make it available."

All of the money collected will go into a special school security fund, and this fund will be overseen by a board. "One appointed by the commission, one appointed by the sheriff's department and one appointed by the Jackson County School Board."

These will be the only people who direct where this money will go. "Those dollars will only be spent for school resource officers or their direct expense."

Venable said these resource officers are not only needed during a possible school threat, and they're also needed for day-to-day security. "They're a lot of times contacted for domestic violence and drugs and that type of stuff."

The commission is In the process of drafting a resolution that they hope to vote on soon.