Adoptions up on the eve of Florence shelter temporarily stopping animal drop-offs

FLORENCE, Ala. – The plan seems to be working at the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter. Over-crowded and overwhelmed, adoption fees have been waived for pets. Starting Friday, the second part of the shelters plan begins.

As recent as last week there were 250 animals inside the four walls of the shelter, double its capacity. City leaders said something had to give. So, Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter Director Leah Fox and city leaders developed a plan. They first dropped adoption fees totally.

“This week has been great,” said Fox. “We had pretty close to now, going into the day, almost 100 adoptions.”

Which is huge for a shelter who normally has about 20-adoptions a week. The trouble is there’s been close to 50 animals dropped off this week alone. The second part of Fox’s plan begins Friday afternoon.

“We’ll be open. Our animal intake stops at 3 o’clock. We are open until 7 for adoptions. But our animal intake will stop starting Saturday.”

Although they will remain open for adoptions, employees can focus on some much needed TLC.

“Well, definitely getting the number of animals down will help assist us in being able to absolutely clean everything out here; kind of hit the reset button for us,” Fox explained. “The things we haven’t been able to do because we have been focused on taking care of so many animals day in and day out.”

And Fox hopes they can keep their numbers down, until moving into the new animal shelter later this year.

Fee waived adoptions will continue through July 5. The Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter will open to the public on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2 to 5pm.