Florence law firm announces future plans after devastating fire

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FLORENCE, Ala. – Fire ripped through his Florence law firm twelve days ago. Tuesday morning, we got our first chance to speak with Frank Potts about the fire, and how he expects to move forward after such a devastating blow.

A mound of rubble now lays between three standing walls. On June 7th, fire gutted the downtown law firm of Frank Potts. He was 1,600-miles away on vacation when he got the call from an office employee.

Frank Potts

“I was devastated,” stated Potts. “I was literally sick to my stomach.”

Potts said he watched news feeds as firefighters did everything they could to extinguish the blaze. He admits nothing prepared him for what he would see when he got back.

“The impact of driving up when I got back into town as soon as I could and seeing it was kind of that shock and horror all over again,” Potts said.

Over the last twelve days, computer techs have been able to recover all the digital information stored on desktop computers.

The building has been in the Potts family for more than 70-years. Only a couple of family items made it out.

“We’ve actually found one picture miraculously after they estimate six-million gallons of water was pumped onto the building. It had floated out, and it was a picture of him in the 1940’s.”

Potts has a temporary office being set up this week just two blocks from the ruins. He plans to rebuild over the next several months.

Fire investigators determined the June 7th fire was started by a faulty electricity receptacle on the second floor.

The Potts and Young Law Firm has relocated to 112 South Pine Street, Suite 100. To reach them you can call (256)764-7142.

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