Some Marshall Co. residents want to see changes made to what they call a dangerous and confusing intersection

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. -- Some people in Marshall County want something done about an intersection they say is dangerous and can be confusing.

Turnpike Road, Oneonta Cut-Off Road, and Highway 205 come together to make an intersection just outside of Guntersville. For people who aren't familiar with it, it can be confusing.

There are stop signs on Turnpike and Oneonta Cut-off. But, because of how the roads are situated, Highway 205 is several yards away from the signs and visibility to that highway's oncoming traffic isn't clear. Cars stopped at the signs have to pull forward to look for oncoming traffic, and cars turning in go around them.

"I have a teenage daughter also who drives this road and I'm scared to death every time she turns," said Michele Chastain. She lives just down the road from the intersection. "Lots of my neighbors want this changed," she added.

"My concerns are that people don't stop at these stop signs. They come all the way down and then people get hit."

Like what happened to her neighbor recently. "He lives on Turnpike where I do, and a lady ran the stop sign from Oneonta Cut-Off Road and hit him on his motorcycle. So he went flying in the air and he now has a broken ankle and has to have surgery," Chastain said.

Her son got into a crash at the intersection too. Chastain said she and her neighbors would like county officials to take a look at it to see what can be done. "Because I don't want to see somebody killed. That's my main concern."

We talked with the Marshall County Commission about the concerns. County leaders say they're going to have a discussion about if any solutions can be implemented. Law enforcement officials who patrol that area say they do respond to crashes there, but say the rates are not out of the normal.

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