Neighbors say accused murderer lived with Grandmother that went missing, teen who was killed

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Investigators with the Madison County Sheriff's Office believe the human remains found near an Owens Cross Roads cemetery are those of Oralia Mendoza. She's the missing grandmother of 13-year-old Mariah Lopez, whose body was found on Lemley Drive last week.

Left: Yoni Martinez Aguilar Right: Israel Gonzalez Palomino
(Courtesy: Madison County Sheriff's Office)

Investigators believe Yoni Martinez Aguilar, 26, and Israel Gonzalez Palomino, 34, are responsible for their death and disappearance.

They are both charged with Capital Murder of a Person Under the Age of 14.

WHNT News 19 has learned from friends close to the case that Mendoza lived with Yoni Aguilar.

They said Mendoza and Aguilar were dating. They moved into a home on Pinedale Drive together about a month ago. Neighbors who wish to remain anonymous said they're in disbelief a neighbor has been charged with murder.  "He's just a friendly person. He's never been in any kind of trouble,"  Anonymous Neighbor explained.

Neighbors said  Aguilar told them he got into a fight with Mendoza then she took Lopez and left, and he couldn't find them.

"He said he woke up she wasn't there. The granddaughter wasn't there either," Anonymous Neighbor said.

This neighbor who asked us to remain anonymous said they were there when the missing person's report was filed on Oralia Mendoza.

"Who was there with you when you were filing the report?" WHNT News 19's Aaron Cantrell asked. "It was Yoni, two police officers; I don't remember their name, and the grandmother's daughter," Anonymous Neighbor said.

According to the police report, Mendoza was reported missing on June 6th and was last seen on June 2nd.

"What was Yoni saying about Mariah and Oralia?" WHNT News 19's Aaron Cantrell asked.

"These guys are missing. I can't find them. I can't find them anywhere," Anonymous Neighbor answered.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office believes Aguilar, along with Israel Palomino, are responsible for their deaths, but the neighbor WHNT spoke with said there may be more people involved.

"There was also another male, female, and a little boy living in that house. They were driving a white van with Tennessee plates. Has anyone seen that van since their disappearance?" Anonymous Neighbor said.

Neighbors said they've only seen Palmino drive around the neighborhood, but he didn't live at the home with them.

"I just want to know where this white van is? Where is that little boy at? Is anyone looking for that white van?" Anonymous Neighbor asked.

Currently, Yoni Aguilar and Israel Palamino are being held at the Madison County Jail with no bond.

The Sheriff's Office tells WHNT News 19 investigators couldn't find a missing person's report filed by The Huntsville Police Department on 13-year-old Mariah Lopez.

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