Caught on video – Guntersville Police search for a man they believe stole $300 from a woman at a gas station

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. -- Guntersville Police investigators are looking for a man they believe took $300 cash while in plain sight from a woman at a gas station. It was all caught on camera.

Courtesy: GPD

Courtesy: GPD

Investigator Mike Turner said it happened at a Guntersville gas station. Surveillance video shows a woman standing at the counter. A man was waiting in line behind her. "She pulled her debit card out and the cash fell to the floor, her debit card fell to the floor," Turner said, "She reached down to get her debit card and did not notice her cash had fallen under the actual counter."

But in the video, it appears the man behind her apparently did. "When she exited the store he stepped up to the front of the register. "He takes his left foot, places it on the money. He looks over his left shoulder to make sure where she went. Then he looks back at the clerk, drops his keys, reaches down with his right hand, picks his keys up, and you can see him stick his left hand under the edge of the counter and pick the money up," Turner said.

Courtesy: GPD

The video shows the woman's husband and another employee come back in a few minutes later, searching for the $300. Then the woman comes back inside. The video shows her searching through the aisles. "She actually encounters this guy again and asks him and he says no," Turner said, "She then follows him to the car and asked him again, 'Hey, did you see my money?' and the guy's telling her no the whole time."

Turner says they weren't able to read the man's tag number and he paid in cash at the store, but there are some things they can use. "We believe he's a local guy because he was getting gas in a gas can like he was mowing his yard or something, and he looks like he's got an ankle monitor on like he might be on some kind of probation."

"Three hundred dollars is a lot of money," Turner said.

If you know who the man is, call the Guntersville Police Department at (256) 571-7571.