Amazing image shows dangers of lightning in open spaces


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Go inside when you see lightning. That's a piece of advice we've heard since we were little. Especially, if you're in an open area.

This image shows the power a single lightning strike can hold.

Brad Wichmann, who is the Assistant Superintendent for the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course at Hampton Cove, saw the evidence of a lightning strike on hole 16 of the Highlands course. He tells us he has seen many pictures like this because of his line of work. But, it's the first time he's seen it happen on his course.

Wichmann says he expects the grass in the area to die, but doesn't know to what extent. You can't see it in the picture. But he tells us some of the grass is torn up, near the end of the streak and the soil underneath is exposed. He says lightning hit multiple areas on the course.