Hotter Days Coming: fewer storms in the forecast means summertime heat cranks up soon!

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Rain, storms thin out through the weekend

A healthy dose of locally-heavy showers and storms moved through North Alabama and Tennessee Wednesday; rain moves out this evening, and the odds of more showers and thunderstorms in coming days drop significantly. If you didn’t get enough (or any at all) in the past few days, it’s less and less likely that you will get substantial rain through the weekend.

Expect some patchy thick fog overnight thanks to a clearing sky, a light wind, and very warm, humid air. The fog burns off Thursday morning between 7 and 9 AM; then it start getting hot! Expect a temperature rebound Thursday afternoon: highs around 90ºF with a heat index as high as 97ºF to 100ºF between 1 PM and 5 PM. Like the heat? There’s more coming for the weekend!

Weekend outlook: A strong ridge building over the region from Friday through the first half of next week means two primary things: few (if any) daily thunderstorms and higher temperatures.

The heat cranks up Friday, Saturday and Sunday with highs ranging from 91ºF to 95ºF and a heat index around 97ºF to 102ºF during the hottest part of the afternoon (1 PM to 5 PM).

Each day offers a chance of a few very isolated showers or thunderstorms; however, rain does not look very ‘likely’ through at least Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Standard summertime weather: The thirty-year climatological average high temperature for the next seven days is close to 89ºF; the normal range around that 89ºF is about 5 degrees (cooler or warmer). In other words, a high temp anywhere from 84ºF to 94ºF is ‘in the ballpark’ for what we expect in mid-June.

Guess what!? That’s exactly where we are going to be for the next seven to ten days. Each day looks hot and humid with a low-end 20% chance of some isolated downpours. Overnight lows hover right around 70ºF thanks to the high humidity and hot air in place. The chance of rain increases slightly as this big ‘ridge’ breaks down and slides west toward the middle of next week, but until then, we’ll be baking in the heat (and probably) begging for a downpour to cool it off!

By the way, the official start of summer is just about a week away: Thursday, June 21st at 5:07am CDT.

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